Gold Balloons Confetti Bouquet Animal Decor Safari Tropical

SKU: 001560
Delivery date: 1-2 days
36" (91cm) Extra large clear balloons filled with gold confetti. Coming flat packed, not inflated. Perfect for weddings, birthdays and more!


This listing is for a set of balloons as follows:

Clear Balloon 36" with gold confetti -2
Balloon 36" White color -2

Balloon 36" Green color - 2

Gold Orbz 21" - 2

Ribbons included.

Coming flat packed, not inflated. To float, they need to be filled with helium, not included in the sale.

Any other decorations are not included in the sale.

To make the confetti stick to the sides of the balls best, we recommend inflating the balloons with a mixture of helium and a good of puff of air!

Please note: Helium in a latex balloon will have a limited life span of 5-7 hours, inflation should be done as close to the event as possible.



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